Autore: David Wolman

Last month, when Tim Cook was showing off Apple’s new mobile payment technology to congregants in San Francisco, a 33-year-old Pilipino woman named Jenalyn Orquiza was using her cell phone to make a payment of 450 Philippine pesos, about $10. She wasn’t using the service to tee up a credit or debit card payment, as… Read more »

I was recently talking with a high-ranking executive in the payments industry. It doesn’t matter who or from what company; she’s a pro, and has been for a long time. She did repeatedly conflate virtual currency, digital currency, and alternative currency, which is annoying. The value buttressing your US dollars is just as virtual as… Read more »

Despite all the talk about the mobile revolution and its potential impact on transactions and banking, the only truly blockbuster success I’m aware of is Kenya’s M-Pesa. Much has been written about this service so I won’t blow this column repeating what’s out there. The latest numbers merit mention: 60 percent of the country’s adults use… Read more »