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Bring Me Lunch is a fin-tech startup that was launched in 2009 in Britain by three young entrepreneurs. The service that is offered is simple, the possibility to order online a lunch made from fresh ingredients and delivered straight to the office thanks to numerous partnerships with local catering services. Interesting, but what is so particular about this? Since its beginning, Bring Me Lunch has offered various payment options to satisfy the needs of an increasingly demanding clientele.

While leaving the “evergreen” option of paying in cash upon consignment of the meal, the startup also offered the possibility to pay immediately online, which is not only the best earning, but also the most popular among its clients who (in this way) could enjoy the experience of a faster acquisition service. And because of this Payl Burnett, the marketing and sales director of the company had the idea of also encouraging payments with digital wallets that contain the personal data of each client. Even companies can make orders for catering events or work lunches with Bring Me Lunch by using corporate cards in the “business wallet”.

This is all possible thanks to a partnership that has been made with Visa Europe and, in particular, with the service (the digital wallet by Visa, not yet available on the Italian market). Once the agreement was signed, the Visa payment button was simply added to the check out page of Bring Me Lunch and clients could begin paying with any of their payment cards that were added to their digital wallet. Not only is the acquisition experience fast but it also permits client loyalty. Statistics have shown that by adding a wallet payment option from a well-known and trusted company increases client return because they feel safer when paying on a payment platform they trust. If we take the example of the Uber success story, much better known than Bring Me Lunch, we have another confirmation of how partnerships between mobile startups and the world of digital payments (PayPal in this case) are a winning combination that many will be adopting in the not so far off future.