Autore: Sharon Cittone

Sharon Cittone

Sharon has been at the forefront of building and growing the global food and AgTech ecosystem for the better part of a decade. Her work with startups, corporations, investors, policymakers, institutions and youth landed her the title of one of Forbes’ most powerful women shaping the future of food. She is Founder & CEO of Edible Planet Ventures a systemic platform that aims to reshape our food system by convening leading voices and visionaries to collaborate and innovate around the most pressing challenges of today. Sharon is active in several other roles. She currently is Founding Board Member of the AgrifoodTech Italia Association, is in the advisory committee of Trueinvestor and to two funds, is part of the United for Regeneration-Now Partners team, sits on the Advisory Board of the World Food Programme Italia, and is a mentor for both Rockstart Agrifood and the FoodTech Accelerator. Furthermore, she is also Global Chair for Food Innovation for the G100, a group of global leaders all joined in a pact of purpose to create massive opportunities for women worldwide.

È sempre più diffusa tra i consumatori, sia per ragioni etiche sia per una maggiore attenzione all’ambiente, la tendenza a sostuituire le proteine di origine animale con quelle di origine vegetale. Una grande opportunità per ripensare in chiave più sostenibile la catena produttiva agricola.